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Unique flower festival of Thai tourism

The heavenly beautiful Thai girl in traditional costume inside the bright lights posted a picture is easy to see across the travel magazines, posters every November when approached. It is a sign that the upcoming Loy Krathong. Thailand travel amazed me like that!
Các cô gái Thái xinh đẹp trong trang phục truyền thống đang thả đèn hoa đăng.
In Thai, Loy means "drop" and Krathong means "flower lights" is decorated with lotus-shaped banana leaves, flowers, candles and incense. Loy Krathong usually takes place on the full moon night of the 12th calendar month of Thai, which at about 11 months of the calendar. This year, Loy Krathong will take place on 6/11, but in many places, the official ceremony of the festival takes place from 5 - 7/11.

The purpose of the Loy Krathong festival is a tribute to the water goddess gave people ample water and pray absolution for action muddied the water. The flower drop lights is also a way to ward off bad luck in the past and may in the future blessings. Many believe that if the candle is still not off until "krathong" out of sight, then that wish will come true. Besides ceremonial flower drop lights, many other fun activities are also taking place during the Loy Krathong festival such as lights Krathong contest, beauty pageant Noppamas, folk games, performances arts and fireworks ...

If you go to northern Thailand, you can admire the spectacular scene of the Loy Krathong festival in Chiang Mai with active drop millions of sun lamps that people here are known as Yee Peng festival. You can also visit Tak province, where thousands of candles lit the lights posted Ping river. Then close up the lantern lamp made from banana tree trunks 100,000 Samut Songkram province. Special festive image reproduction brilliant heyday of the ancient capital of Ayutthaya kingdom in Sukhothai province or in a variety of activities beauty queens parade, chandeliers, fireworks display, technology traditional arts and reproduction of activity floating market, local market ...
Hoạt động rước thuyền và thả hoa đăng làm sáng rực hai bờ sông Chao Phraya của thủ đô Bangkok.
As to the "City of Angels" Bangkok, you'll blink is the beautiful pictures recorded shining moments of poetic Chao Phraya River, where the operation took place flower drop lights, lantern procession of boats people of the capital. Many places in the city are displayed brilliant red lantern show joyful spirit of the people celebrating the festival. You can choose to enjoy the flower festival on a cruise along the river candlelit, with relatives delicious dinner of culinary origin attended the Golden Temple or drop lights posted prayers along the Chao Phraya river and at a few hotel pools along the river.

Pai - lovely town of Thai tourism

Pai was one of my destination in Thailand in my Asia travel last month...

I went to Pai in the last days of November, when the weather in the eastern Pai has dawned, but still sunny yellow nursery flooded entrance. Somewhere on the way to Pai, wild bushes remains of the last season was still in full golden shy sporadic roadside. The cloudless blue sky without any clouds ... Beautiful Pai welcomed me like that!
Ở Pai có nhiều căn nhà rất đáng yêu mà bạn không thể không dừng lại chụp ảnh.

I walk to the inn from the small bus station located between the busy tourist street, but sunny afternoon Pai cool, early winter cold slowly seeped into the flesh but not bitter that was very sweet.
Pai is a small town close to the country's second largest city Chiang Mai Thai is 136 km. Middle of acres of mountains, valleys, gentle Pai Village Pai e minor river with beautiful pure flow. 136 km from Chiang Mai to Pai is short but there are corners of the streets up and down steep mountain pass so it takes more than three hours to run the new car. Pass steep winding path though tired, but I'm sure you've come Pai then, immersed in space cute Pai, the fatigue melts away.
This new day in Pai season to late. Wake up tomorrow morning dense fog hugging the town government and at that moment, I was sitting on the front porch inn, hiding in thick sweater just broth just see a vague she Pai, a beautiful Pai her ma unexpectedly attractive sentimental. Pensions Pai river I live there is a row of houses overlooking the river, a mountain view suites. My mountain view suites, watch the mountains get tired of me wearing extra thick clothing to a riverside table book with a look at her other Pai river ... woke up feeling cold mist curled between fuzzy inside ear is the sound of water flowing river interspersed with cocks crowing, birds singing early days how illusory or ecstasy ...
Pai bình lặng, nhẹ nhàng nhưng không buồn tẻ hay nhàm chán.
Pai brightened with shiny golden rays along superbly with ru blue sky high when the clock struck 9am to. Pai then appeared radiant with light bars, cafes, car rentals ... Pai starts his daily work with the role of a tourist town. The majority of tourists are from the West backpack hostels, hotels now that they started to have breakfast, go to rental car to run around and explore Pai Pai town a lovely, quaint, peaceful ... though far strange that everyone feels really familiar.
In Pai, moved mainly by travelers to the sights as motorcycles, bicycles and a few are selling cars carrying tourists style sits on the floor behind the car there was no roof. On the streets, you can catch the first batch of visitors cleft forehead bandaged limbs is not uncommon, luxuriant Lum Pai by travelers rented motorbike went down a lot. There's only a scratch, face falling, but not at those broken leg broken hand by running the motor unfamiliar with the strict authoritarian Pai insurance in contributing to the accident-prone. So when I returned to the car rental place the motorcycle, the first question they ask me is "any accident?" Made me laugh ... it appears to be the question of their mouth when tenants get the car back from the car or something.
Pai afternoon in this season still brilliant sunshine as the morning. Most visitors spend the afternoon they were all run out to play bamboo rafting destinations Memorial Bridge (bamboo raft), and ran about Pai canyon to watch the sunset gently let go of distant mountains in blue rop of the dense forest canopy and then visit the beautiful cafes and roadside with beautiful sights sipping hot coffee fragrant sniffed the cold twilight subtle truth in Pai.
Maybe to someone, Pai neither beautiful, nor Pai lovely cute as I marvel. But to me, Pai is the cutest town, most gentle Thai hospitality in the land that does not go bored me to this. Pai simple, unsophisticated magnificent, not a place of luxury Pai brilliant elegance ... Pai cute rustic styled Pai own but nowhere has there ever been & small shop, I will search every corner see the lovely, lovely and relaxing, familiar ...
Những chi tiết trang trí rất đáng yêu ở Pai
I leave tomorrow morning Pai into a cold. Carrying a backpack into the bus station to go through the familiar streets, the familiar bar or sitting which saw suddenly walk again ... as long as three days in Pai so that past too fast. Three days is "fall in love" with Pai not enough at all. Horizontal step through a store not open to visitors, looking at the words on that lap attachment Pai & feel love so much: "Do not forget Pai", "Please come back again!" "Pai miss you" ... Why are so cute huh ??? Pai
Pai lovely simplicity, simple peaceful Pai, Pai not fancy but addictive, easy Pai noiseless that mesmerizes people ... is to come Pai, Pai is to love!
"Please come back again" ... Well, no need to mention that Pai sir, I will definitely be back for more by Pai lovely so why not go back to love Pai?

Three ways to enjoy a day when traveling to Phuket

Phuket, Thailand is a wonderful destination for your Asia travel!

Phuket is located in the south of Thailand, is the country's largest island. Guests here will enjoy the beautiful nature of the tourist attractions and experience many entertainment district ranks among the best. Here are 3 ways suggested explore Phuket with 3 different levels of cost.


Before 9 am, you go to the street selling food vehicles gathered outside the mosque in Bang Tao to enjoy local-style breakfast. That husband lod dishes (noodles with coconut milk and pandan syrup), sweet tea and milk from a cup carnations large, cost only 40 baht.
Then you can be green yourself down to the beach. The bed is located on the sand are free saves a decent account for you. Lunch break in the shade, guests used combines massage services on the beach for about 500 baht. Your lunch is fish curry in banana leaf containers, tom yum soup and Hokkien mee (fried seafood noodles). All costs about 100 baht.
Afternoon to you to visit the 25-meter high statue of Buddha overlooking Chalong, then stop and sightseeing in Chalong temple is ornate. Next, guests enjoy a Singha beer and watch the sunset on the three beaches (Kata Noi, Kata and Karon) from the top of Karon for 80 baht. Dinner at Kalim bay at street stalls open to 21h to about 100 baht.
After eating, you can relax with a view to Bangla Road transgender boys and dancers performing in bars. Guests stay overnight in motels Na Siam for 800 baht.
Total Cost: 1,620 baht

Easy to enjoy

Early morning visitors to enjoy mango juice and croissants at a 4-star resort Swisshotel Resort Phuket, before joining a Muay Thai training session at the hotel (free). After warm up with the traditional postures of Thais, you can heat by hiring a boat at Kamala Beach Laem Singh beach to reach 1,500 baht price.
Noon, guests dine in the restaurant One Chun with crab curry coconut cream sauce and cost 280 baht. Then, you can pocket some Thai food recipes signature at the Blue Elephant cooking school. The cost for one session is about 2,800 baht.

Finish cooking class, you treat yourself to a delicious drink while watching the sunset and dine at BiMi Beach Club on Surin beach. Do not miss the grilled fish with spicy sauce combined with jim jaew mojito rum prepared from local, cost 820 baht.

Or try one of the drinks: vodka Sly Thai, limoncello, lemon cocktail at the club next - Beach Club for 290 baht. Finally, the visitors ended the day at 4-star hotel with prices from 4,720 baht one-night stay.

Total cost: 10 410 baht.

Spend money drop station

In the morning, you pick an appointment Yacht Marina in Cape Panwa to dine Thai Offshore. You will have 5 hours on a boat to relax and start the new day. After breakfast, visitors began diving or kayaking at sea for 130,000 baht.

Then you switch ships at Kalim beach for lunch at Joe's seaside Downstairs, workplace Aaron Hooper, Thailand's leading chefs. You definitely have to try the blue crab cakes or sandwiches famous Joe (Joe's Famous Burger) for 1,500 baht.

Note, you should not eat it too, by the afternoon will be experienced swing games zipline adventure. Maximum weight of 120 kg of participants, the price of this service is 3,250 baht.

When the next afternoon, visitors to the most unique bars of Phuket island, Baba Nest, located in Sri Panwa Resort. Here, you try to sip a tropical cocktail and watch the sun set.
At night, you put in Baba Soul Food restaurant, enjoy a Thai or toro sushi and make comparisons between Phuket and Canadian lobster in Baba Iki Japanese Restaurant. Meals cost about 5,100 baht. Finally, guests enjoy wine knowledge and partying the night away at the beachfront villa, private pool party. Price a night here from 22,400 baht.

Total cost: 162 250 baht.

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5 snack 'on each finger delicious' you must try when traveling Bangkok

One of must-do in Asia travel is eating street food here. Below are some special Thai street food you must try once coming to this country!

1. sweet sticky rice dishes Khao niew bing

Khao niew bing is the ideal snack for morning tea or a light meal at night. Sweet sticky rice cooked process Khao niew bing begins with glutinous rice cook traditional Thai with coconut milk and sugar. Then cover it away would be a banana or potato pieces, wrapped and then baked on a grill. Khao niew bing away dishes unique in that there are hard and crunchy on the outside, but soft and liquid at the pretty people. Not too sweet, the hint of coconut, and the staff plus the scent of banana leaves is quite interesting dishes.5-mon-an-vat-thom-ngon-tren-tung-ngon-tay-ban-phai-thu-o-bangkok-ivivu-1

2. Luk chup

In the culinary world of sweet colorful looks like Thailand, the Luk chup pie is always the most prominent types of sweets. Luk chup cake was the Portuguese introduced in Thailand in the 16th century made from mung bean cake, coconut milk and sugar and shaped into fruits like strawberry, orange zones, small watermelon, then is coated onto artificial colors to add vivid.

3. Roty
Roti buns originated from India. In addition to Thailand, this cake is also in many countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Thai roti pie somewhat crispy exterior but inside is very soft. Staff inside the banana or pineapple are made, what popular local fruit of tropical origin. Each flavor is expressed ingenuity of the workers in each cake is fried crispy outside, soft and sweet fragrance inside. Especially when you also do not forget to enjoy a little extra milk sprinkled on top to add delicious pie offline.

4. Coconut Cream (I-dtim mat Phrao)

After sightseeing or shopping in the hot weather in Thailand, it is difficult to refuse to see the car nutty coconut cream beckons. Just waiting for you to nod, sellers will quickly halved coconut, drain and serve immediately half cup coconut cream that do. Coconut cream is made from coconut milk and soft so greasy, this dish is decorated with fresh copra, groundnut, green corn, jellies, jaggery or pumpkin julienne.

5. mango sticky rice (Khao Mamuang niew)

Referring to the Thai street food you really can not miss the mango sticky greasy dishes, famous specialties are many visitors praised. This includes snacks fragrant sticky plastic, Thai mango and a little extra coconut milk on top, eating, blend ingredients create delicious flavors to match.

The Sukosol - hotels 'affordable' for you when traveling Bangkok

You want to find a cheap hotel to stay on your Asia travel to Thailand, don't you?

The Sukosol Hotel is a corporation owned by the system Sukosol famous hotels such as The Siam, Siam Bayshore, Bayview and Wave.

The founder of the group is Mr. Kamol, starting business by selling radio stations, then moved through assembly, as car dealers and real estate. Kamala Sukosol also her new daughter was the one who drove the boat in the direction of the hotel business. Currently the head of Mrs. Kamala Sukosol Group Sukosol ever Forbes Asia honored because of her charitable activities in 2009; but above all, she was known throughout Thailand as a jazz singer.

1. Convenient location

Located at 477 Si Ayuthaya Road address Phayathai, Thailand, this will be an appropriate residence for visitors to travel if Bangkok. From the hotel, it only takes about 5 minutes to MBK Center and Centralworld; about 10 minutes to get to Siam Paragon, Platinum Fashion Mall and Siam Center. This hotel is also close to Jade Buddha Temple, Suan Pakkard Palace, and Wat Pho Grand Palace. The hotel's location is extremely convenient for you to visit the main tourist destinations of Bangkok without having to take a long time to move.Vị trí của khách sạn The Sukosol rất thuận tiện cho việc tham quan các địa điểm nổi tiếng của Bangkok. Ảnh:

Khu vực sảnh của khách sạn. Ảnh:

2. The various types of rooms

The Sukosol is designed harmonious architectural style Asian tradition combined with modern architecture and is decorated in an elegant style. Hotel The Sukosol include 500 rooms with a full range of rooms including Club Siam Suite, Club Deluxe, Deluxe Double Room, Deluxe Room Asian, family room, ... All the rooms are equipped with amenities modern willing to please even the most discerning travelers.
Phòng dành cho gia đình của The Sukosol. Ảnh:

3. Hotels "bold" quality Thai

Business motto of The Sukosol Hotel is in the context of the current globalization, retention of cultural identity of their own is difficult. Therefore, to meet the increasingly diverse needs of travelers while also being "dissolved" amid the current globalization, The Sukosol has an ongoing effort to keep the substance is present in Thai hotel from the decoration, design, food, clothes, ... in addition, the hotel also showcases many works of ancient art, ancient writings and documents some precious antiques.

4. Premium Cuisine

Cuisine is considered one of the pleasures of elegant while traveling, if you stay at The Sukosol is sure you will be extremely pleased with the food here. The hotel has a restaurant serving typical dishes of Thai and Asian cuisine, the other European.
Sapphire Bar. Ảnh:

5. play area for children

Because the hotel The Sukosol owned by a family company with three generations, so they feel very happy if any children traveling with their parents or relatives. With each child staying at the hotel, The Sukosol will have dedicated play area for children, and each child will receive a bag full of toys, spoiled 'and naughty fun "without fear of people hotel staff upset.

6. Learn to cook with chefs Thai

Thailand is one of the countries with the extremely rich cuisine and attractive food is extremely eye-catching decoration. Especially, when staying at The Sukosol you will be enthusiastic chefs teach you how to do some Thai dishes. What is more amazing when the hands of local chefs teach how to make Thai food right? Who knows, you will create a dish typical Thai style of their own.

7. The highlight differences

Although the hotel is located in the chain of corporate systems, but each hotel Sukosol of Sukosol Group carries characteristic peculiarities. If Siam pretty quiet style 1920s jazz suitable for those who like it quiet Sukosol is the destination for those who love the dynamics and creativity. This is reflected in the positions located, décor, stylish design and all the attractions around The Sukosol.

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Unwind with cultural tourism in the Isaan Thailand

Another Asia travel that you should experience!

This summer, let's unwind a bit with a trip to the North East Thailand (Isaan) to get more experience and a new perspective on the beautiful Golden Temple Made it this rich!

Isaan (or Isan, Isarn, Issan, Esarn) is the Northeast of Thailand, located in the Khorat Plateau, the Mekong River flows through the east and north, the south with Cambodia. To the west, separated from the central Isaan Thailand Phetchabun mountain range. Isaan has 19 provinces, some provinces stand out, attract tourists may be mentioned as Khon Kaen, Maha Sarakham, Nakhon Ratchasima, Udon Thani ... The language of this region is quite diverse, as Laotian (known officially is known Isaan), Thai, Khmer.

From Bangkok, you can easily reach by bus or Isaan domestic aircraft landed at the airport in Koh Samui, Chiang Mai or Phuket then catch a bus to the Isaan region in order to save time. Isaan is not flashy, not too modern. About the Isaan is about the traditional values ​​of Thailand, what most Thai net. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for those who are looking for tranquility or favorite form of cultural tourism.

Wat Phu Tok 1., Udon Thani ProvinceBên trong hang động là căn gác gỗ dành cho các vị sư ở Isaan. Wat Phu Tok là một ngọn núi thanh bình, thu hút hàng ngàn tín đồ Phật giáo khắp Thái Lan vượt đường xa đến đây để tham gia thiền.

2. Wat Pa Lak Roy, Nakhon Ratchasima ProvinceHoàn thành năm 1977, Wat Pa Lak Roy được mệnh danh là ngôi đền địa ngục vì những cảnh tượng ghê rợn chờ đón du khách ở bên trong.

3. Wat Lam Duan, Nong Khai ProvinceSừng sững trên đỉnh ngôi chùa Wat Lam Duan là tượng Phật khổng lồ trông ra dòng Mekong êm đềm.

4. Wat Phra That Na Dun, Mahasarakham provincedoi-gio-voi-du-lich-van-hoa-thai-lan-o-vung-isaan-ivivu-11

5. Snake Village (King Cobra Village) Khon Kaen Provincedoi-gio-voi-du-lich-van-hoa-thai-lan-o-vung-isaan-ivivu-12

6. bottles Temple (Wat Lan Kuat), Sisaket ProvinceNhững năm đầu thập niên 80, một nhóm các nhà sư Thái Lan đã tận dụng những chiếc vỏ chai bị vứt đầy trên đường phố để mang về trang trí cho ngôi chùa, từ đó ngôi chùa vỏ chai bia nổi tiếng của ngày nay đã ra đời.

7. Elephant Festival Surin, Surin ProvinceĐây là một lễ hội rất nổi tiếng và cũng là một trong những nền văn hóa đặc sắc của Thái Lan được diễn ra trong tháng 11. Lễ hội này được tổ chức nhằm tôn vinh voi và người huấn luyện - bạn đồng hành của chúng.

Sala Kaew Ku 8. Monuments, Nong Khai ProvinceCông viên do Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat và các môn đồ xây dựng vào năm 1978. Những công trình điêu khắc ở đây hầu hết là sáng tạo của Sulilat, nổi bật với bề ngoài lạ mắt và kích cỡ khổng lồ.

9. Mahasarakham University Museum
Charoen Phon Temple 10, Mahasarakham provinceNếu bạn đến Isaan vào khoảng tháng 12 âm lịch (nhằm tháng 11 dương lịch), đừng quên ghé chùa Charoen Phon ở tỉnh Mahasarakham để tham gia lễ hội thả đèn trời siêu lãng mạn nhé.

Discover rail market Maeklong Thailand

Whenonearth travel site recently posted a clip introducing rail markets unique Maeklong Thailand. Yet only 2 minutes, but longer video clips gave readers a unique culture and daily life of ordinary Thais.
Ảnh: Whenonearth
Maeklong Rail Market from downtown Bangkok, Thailand 57.6 km west with tents, tents erected sketchy railway police. Like other markets, traders have full Maeklong everything from seafood, fruits spices to regional specialties such as litchi, durian, mango, ...
Through the clip can be seen noisy scenes, bustling market crowded with tourists to visit and take pictures. Or images every time the train arrived, both seller and buyer were quickly evacuated from the rails to preserve life and starts packing and piles nestled against goods in yield to trains .
Ảnh: youtube
Although dangerous, but Maeklong become attractions visitors curious about this risky market.